Solway Meeting dates 2019

Afternoon meetings 1 pm - 3 pm

Evening meetings 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm




Thursday 7/2  -  Challenges to be handed in. Both 6"x6" square Dumfries                            and Galloway theme and 13"x18" portrait on New                                      Beginnings / Openings theme. Name badges. Bring your                            own work to sew.


Tuesday 12/2  -  EGM to discuss the revised constitution.

                          Last day to submit challenges. Finish off name badges.                            

Saturday 23/2  -  FUN DAY - Elma showing cutting and using rules etc                                techniques for the beginners.  The rest of us can take                                your own project to sew, UFO or do Linus quilts. The                                  choice is yours. See what to take on meetings/workshop                            page.


7/3 - 10/3  -      GLASGOW EXHIBITION (we will have a rotalists for this                             exhibition if anyone is willing to donate their time.  2 hour                           slots in the stand is what we are looking for. Then you                              can after that go around the exhibition in your own leisure.


Thursday 14/3  - Tanja showing Foundation piecing.  Those who already                            Work Day your own work

Tuesday 26/3  -  Work Day

Thursday 4/4  -  Joanna O'Neill talk

Friday 5/4   -     Joanna's workshop.  

Tuesdsy 9/4  -   Celtic knots with Maybelle.  If you already know this                                    method take your own work to sew.

Friday 26/4  -  Andrea Lee talk

Saturday 27/4  -  Workshop with Andrea for all levels.  Lists of projects to                           choose will go around for beginners, intermediates and                             advance quilters. Andrea will prepare kits and will charge                           about £7.50 but this will be confirmed nearer the time.

Thursday 2/5  -  2 or 3 corners on requested topics.


Tuesday 14/5 -  AGM - constitution need to be updated from two groups                              to one group.














To check what to bring to meetings or workshops please check in meetings and events  & workshop page.




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