Quilted hugs


Headed up by Ann Hill from Mouswald, the Quilters of Shambellie House are working with the Rotary Club of Dumfries to help look after the mental health of those living on their own throughout the region.    


Ann Hill said “Having worked with Alzheimer Scotland for many years I couldn’t help but think of all the elderly folks who are living on their own in our region during these difficult times.   I feel bad enough with not seeing my kids and grandkids, I can’t imagine how it must feel to be all alone in these circumstances.   I thought that they could be doing with a hug and so I introduced “Quilted Hugs”.   


“Hugs” are made by quilters in the region and are given to those who are nominated for a hug by either a family member, a friend or a carer.   A wee lap quilt or a cushion is sent out to them with a “Quilted Hug made with love for you” label attached and a note telling them who nominated them. 


If you can make or donate a quilt or a cushion or you know someone who could benefit from a “Quilted Hug” please get in touch with Elma or Tanja





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